WXOwn Japnese ad network


WX is our own ad publish network service for Japan.
Since its establishment in 2005, Our ad network has grown and accumulated in response to cooperation, communication with each mediums and listen to customer requests.

  • Varied ad items

    We can optimize to deliver ads and to reach more users!
    We have a lot of connections with leading media, secure advertising placement, secure PV, etc.
    We cover a wide range from leading media to niche media.

  • Various Creatives

    Make banner deliveries, suggest infeed advertising, and make creative choices for each WX advertising.
    We will bring about the best advertising effect based on cooperation with customers Every day.
    Feel free to ask us about creative(banners, videos, etc) creation too.

  • The achievement that never loses to other companies

    Budget and traffic increase from year to year.The operation results of each staff also increase The management system as a company is also in place.We will make suggestions according to your needs and expectations.Please feel free to contact us.